Dear Moya Greene: A Royal Mail Frustration.

A full two days since any post was delivered and I’m forced, by the very principle of it, to pace in front of the window like a Ringling Brothers Lion, waiting for the post to appear.  While there are items I’m keen to get my hands on, there isn’t actually anything of an exceptionally urgent nature waiting to arrive, but it’s the principle.  I want my post, basically.  It’s been going on for so long that I’ve decided to take action, even if only to ease my frustration.  After half an hour of trying to e-mail Royal Mail through the complaints form on their own website, and being told that my postcode was incorrect (having entered it in every format/permeation possible), I turned to Google and found an e-mail address for someone at the head of the company, Moya Greene, and this is what I’ve just e-mailed.
Dear Ms Greene
I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the postal service.  Our mail arrives extremely sporadically, we are lucky to receive it by 4pm, often 5pm, and often, such as yesterday, not at all.  As I write, 22nd July, 12.15pm, it is currently more than 48 hours since we received any post.  I know that certain items are due to arrive, which are very important to me, and I have watched from the window all of yesterday and this-morning, in case I’ve missed the postman going past. I can confirm unequivocally that yesterday, he did not pass my house, or deliver post to anyone in Cheltenham Crescent.
It is my strong belief that the postal services is one of the cornerstones of British Society, and has always been something solid to be relied upon, used for carrying out business and personal correspondence in a trustworthy way.  It appears that over the last few years the level of service that we are receiving, I can only speak for Runcorn, is being eroded.  It has steadily and continually gotten worse and worse, a little bit each week.  The postal service in this country used to be something beautiful and utilitarian.  It is clear that those values have been chipped away by the modern management, and replaced with values only concerned in making profit. 
An intrinsic component of the postal service is the idea that post arrives first thing in the morning, 7am, 8am, before people leave the house to go to work, so that any correspondence received can be read before leaving for work, and dealt with over the course of the day.  This is the very nature of post.  The lackadaisical attitude now in place is producing detrimental repercussions throughout society and the business world.  If correspondence of an urgent nature is not received first thing in the morning, and only dealt with after 5pm when people arrive home from work, when the business day is closed and no business is able to be carried out, this means that any correspondence must wait for the following day to be dealt with, meaning that urgent matters are being delayed by days and days.
How is this acceptable?  It doesn’t seem unrealistic to expect a service which is appropriate and timely.  The very essence of correspondence is being eroded, and it is no longer a expeditious and effective means of communicating.  Your website states that you aim to deliver post by 4pm, but I find this baffling.  Surely post is designed, in its very nature, to arrive at the start of any day, so that it can be dealt with during that business day?  However, in Cheltenham Crescent at least, if post arrives by 4pm we consider ourselves lucky, it is usually after this, or not at all, as stated.
I wish you to know, on a personal level, that the British public no longer feel able to rely upon their own postal service as a realistic means of exchanging information.  You will be put out of business, as a company, as the public is forced, against their will, to rely upon e-mail and more effective methods of communication, in the absence of a service they can depend on.
This is just another one of the foundations of the great British society which has been spat on and trodden into the ground by unfeeling and disinterested men (and women) in suits.
I am still waiting for my post, and it has been more than two days since any was delivered.  How is this service?
Thank you very much for your time,
Vikki Littlemore 
If you want to contact Moya Greene, the e-mail address I used is;
I’m not really expecting a reply, but will keep you updated.
In the meantime, what do you think?

20 Responses to “Dear Moya Greene: A Royal Mail Frustration.”

  1. 1 Andrew Holland July 22, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    You make some excellent points here and I dearly hope that you receive a reply. I particularly like the fact that you apportion blame where it lies, that is; the profit-led management. The postal service seems to be cut down to skeleton staff and I suspect government are deliberately running it down to prepare it for privatisation, which of course mustn’t be allowed to happen, as it will get worse and more expensive.

    • 2 Vikki Littlemore July 22, 2011 at 3:01 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment, and for taking the time to read the blog. Your support really means a lot. I hope to report back soon, hopefully with a reply. Thanks again.

  2. 3 Savvy July 22, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    4pm post? That’s pretty terrible to be honest. I actually remember the days of post being delivered before 9am! Seems so long ago! But I think the earliest I’ve ever seen any in recent years is 10.30am. I had a parcel arriving a couple of weeks and I had to leave for a holiday at 10:30am. Needless to say, postie didn’t arrive and I was left to holiday without my new denim shorts, which according to my assistant arrived at 11.45am!!
    On saying that, my postie at work is lovely. He has been known to trawl around our forklift training centre until he finds someone to sign for a letter or parcel, which is better than just leaving one of those lovely red cards on the doorstep I suppose!

  3. 4 roymayall July 22, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    5pm is a little steep. Most rounds are finished by 3, although some rural rounds might stretch to 4, but I doubt very much if any are finishing as late as 5. (I expect it will happen in the end though). Don’t expect a reply from Moya Greene. She’s already wrecked Canada Post. My guess is she was employed to do exactly the same at the Royal Mail. PS check out my blog if you like. It is all post related.

  4. 5 colin james July 28, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    If you ve been waiting for post for 2 days then you obviously haven’t got any mail. It is an offence for any postal worker to delay any mail and anyone found doing this will be prosecuted by royal mails internal police investigation team.

    There is no cut off time for the delivery of mail. As for delays tnt and uk mail now collect mail from customers and give to royal mail to deliver the following day.

    In my view if someone isstood in the window waiting for the postperson to appear then they must have nothing else to do

    Royal mail is a great company. No other company can deliver a letter from london and land in glasgow the following day.

    Maybe you need to find a hobby or something ?!

    • 6 Postman August 18, 2011 at 6:29 pm

      Referring to Colin James comment, Royal Mail has been undergoing revisions changing the outdoor delivery methods. This has proved very unsuccessful and has meant that parts of rounds have been left in the office where staff are unable to work over their time. Where possible additional staff are borrowed form other offices to help or a call goes out to neighbouring managers to deliver this mail.

      The cut off time for all rounds is 3pm except rural duties which is 4pm.
      The loophole to this is when mail is taken out later on overtime.

      When these problems occur you can expect parcels to be left in the office for up to 2 weeks or more.

      A lot of people will wait in, watching for the postie if they are expecting something, especially home based workers and businesses.

      Royal Mail was a great company, times have changed!!

  5. 7 Lamont Tucci February 24, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    I’m obliged for the blog.Really thank you! Many obliged.

  6. 8 March 20, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    Great blog.
    I too have felt the need to complain about the ‘service’ offered and the seeming lack of interest by the staff within Royal Mail who had the cheek to blame me for losing my parcel due to the wrong address?
    Anyway, I attach the letter sent to them over a month ago, a letter to which they have not responded, again !!!
    Dear Sir

    I feel the need to write and congratulate Royal Mail on what I can only describe as the worst provider of Customer Service that I have had to experience in a long time.

    Should anyone with an interest in investigating complaints be at all bothered about your organisations image to the public in general, I am sure that this particular low value case be one that will hopefully leave each and every one of you feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

    On 22nd December 2011 I posted a parcel in Chester le Street that was fully addressed and even contained a return address should anything go wrong delivering it the stated address. After tracking progress through the Royal mail website, it became apparent that the parcel had been misplaced (lost) by you and a subsequent claim was submitted in line with and as described by your own claim process. All of the requested information and documentation was submitted and included the original printed receipt. Prior to sending this single item of proof I took the precaution of scanning an image and include a copy for your attention.

    On 28th January 2012 I received a letter dated the previous day from an ######## asking that I wait for 15 days after the arrival ‘due date’ when if not delivered, a claim would be considered for compensation. I have my own calculation on the time elapsed between posting the parcel and the date of this letter and will allow you to calculate this yourself, this may then make more sense to you and result in the end to sending out standardised ‘generic’ letters.

    I called the 0845 Customer Service number to explain the issue and was told during this call that there had been an error in the type of letter sent and that an email would be sent to the team dealing with the claim. I was also told not to worry and that things would be sorted out.

    The next correspondence that I received from you was dated 3rd February 2012 from ######### apologising for the issue that I have with Fiat Auto?
    I have not now nor have I ever attempted to contact Fiat Auto in fact, I have never owned a Fiat so was somewhat disappointed to call you again after being assured that there would be no further problems. Had my initial call not been acted upon at all or was I subject to some sick joke by either a temporary staff member or one who was in some way looking to take out his Royal Mail frustrations on a pain in the behind member of the public. I mean, how dare I make a complaint!
    On 4th February I called again and spoke with yet another member of Royal Mail staff who told me that it must be my fault because there were no registered companies at the address stated on the receipt. When challenged with the fact that my name and address also being attached to the parcel and the item not being delivered to the intended address or returned to me, this person seemed to accept that it may well be an issue with you. A Manager call back was arranged for 6pm the following Monday, 6th February and I was pleased to speak with someone who appeared to appreciate my frustration after all I had paid Royal Mail to lose a parcel and then subsequently have to jump through hoops in an attempt to get to the bottom of where the parcel was. I was reassured that the matter was to be resolved and that the parcel was officially lost. A refund of £21.99 being the cost of the item lost plus the postage cost was agreed and despite the calls to your 0845 number and the time that I had taken to resolve the issue (well in excess of 40 minutes) despite you being responsible, no compensation / recompense for call charges or time could be considered. Happy that I had at least been taken seriously and that a relatively pitiful amount of money was going to be refunded to me, I was told that the refund cheque would not be signed until 7th February. Today is 20th February 2012 and to date I have not received the cheque promised to me on 6th, two weeks since that call. I find myself wondering if that letter has also been lost in the vast organisation of Royal Mail. I have lost so much post over recent years ranging from bank and credit card statements to football tickets that a cheque from Royal Mail being lost does not in the least surprise me. I note from your generic letters that you deal with millions of items of post every day and that you take each failure seriously, I disagree. For this single issue you have lost my parcel, failed to acknowledge my claim with your first reply, incorrectly identified where the parcel was even sent to in your second letter despite details submitted with the claim form and original receipt and then failed to deliver your cheque causing my to once again try to get your attention with this letter.

    Keep the cheque; it would appear that Royal Mail might need the money more than I do. I do not see the point in continuing with this farcical and time-consuming claim. Royal Mail is, in my opinion, incapable of not only effectively delivering mail but also dealing with the complaints associated with the loss of it. I do have some really good news for you though. An item of mail that I posted from ######## Post Office in Washington using the more expensive Special Delivery service was successfully delivered to its intended recipient last week and as a result we were issued a refund from that particular retailer. This pleases me because that was for over £100 and judging by the process and frustration demonstrated in trying to reclaim £25 + goodwill for calls and time taken to resolve the issue from you, it must be impossible for amounts with one more digit !!

  7. 9 Edward June 8, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    I totally agree, 3 occations now- 25 days to receive a letter sent in Liverpool to London, how bad can that be!- and then when you complain you have to deal with rude arrogant, incompetent call centre staff, a comment from abroad “she messed up our postal service (Canada) now she is messing up yours), another thing, is Royal Mail institutionally racist?, I think so, I mean, I have a South African accent and maybe I would have been treated in a less condescending manner if it was not for that, anyway, use Fedex or UPS, they get the job DONE, I have written to my MP because this just cannot go on, to be honest, it is time somebody breaks up Royal Mail, and distribute it to private companies with staff that WANTS to work

  8. 10 lee gill September 17, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    Hi, did you ever recieve a reply?

  9. 11 Postie May 22, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Bit late but just wanted to point out that postmen/women do not start work until between 6am and 7am (start times are staggered) and then you have to sort and prepare the mail for 2-3 hours before you are ready to go out on delivery, so quite how you expect a postal round to be done and dusted by 8am is a mystery to me. A shift is 7-8 hours long, so in order to have everyone’s post delivered by 8am, the shift would have to start at midnight…slightly unrealistic? Would you expect people to be woken up to sign for parcels at 4am?? I completely agree with Colin James – you probably just didn’t have any post those days and perhaps you need to be a bit more logical in your expectations.

    As for ‘Savvy’, perhaps you should have ordered your denim shorts a little earlier rather than leaving it last minute and trying to blame the postman for delivering them at, shock horror, 11.45am!!!!

    • 12 postmanprat October 24, 2013 at 6:46 am

      heres one for you, I was a postman and I started at 0545 and finished at 13.30
      All mail on the 1st delivery had to be delivered by pouch off time of 0930.
      So the person is right , it used to be delivered before most people went to work
      As for parcels they started about 0830
      What RM have forgotten is that the are a service
      oh and on another point the public were a lot more happy when there was 2 deliveries a day Monday to Friday and 1 on a Saturday and pillar boxes had numerous collections during the day , not just one at 17.30

  10. 13 Carl baker October 10, 2014 at 9:47 am

    i would like to thank graig Bowen from Merthyr Tydfil depot for returning money that he found on our steps,he could of easily put it in his pocket and nobody would have known,it is reassuring that someone as honest as graig visits our property every day and once again thanks.c baker 1.chapel street troedyrhiw cf484nd

  11. 14 Hilary September 29, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    I wonder if you might be interested in how Royal Mail treat their staff – this is one of the good guys, loved by his customers as he went out of his way to look after them. After 27 years, Royal Mail sack him for ‘stealing’, they had no evidence, he won reinstatement at Employment Tribunal and Procurator Fiscal threw out the case as no evidence. They will not reinstate him. He is 57, given his working life to them, he is innocent, Greene doesn’t care but she’s earning millions so no wonder! We’re fighting back, help is you can?

    • 15 Peter March 29, 2016 at 10:29 am

      Royal Mail managers are bully’s and don’t treat the staff fairly or respect them at all and there is nobody you can go to for help and advice, so they keep getting away with treating staff like this, it’s so unfair

      • 16 Hilary April 8, 2016 at 11:16 am

        They are more evil than we could ever imagine.
        Please pass on to all your supporters that we are fighting for Dave Mitchell with everything we can. Currently 2500 RM CWU members in Branch 2 (east and south of Scotland) have ballot papers to strike on behalf of Dave and stand up to how he was fired with absolutely no evidence and even though the judge ordered reinstatement RM simply ignored this and said No.
        You are right, the individual is severely disadvantaged against a deranged and psychopathic corporate machine like RM but if we all get together we can maybe do it.
        There has been masses of press on this case in Scotland but it could come over the border next if this strike goes ahead – the CWU are 100% behind Dave and are driving this. Keep an eye on their website and publications.
        Dave’s MP Stephen Gethins has taken it to parliament and the prime minister – he has been on STV a few times now (follow his facebook page).
        Please follow David Mitchell on Facebook and his Deliver Justice page – and keep spreading the word.

  12. 17 Disgruntled postie October 27, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    lazy full time postman who cant be bothered taking a full round out because they think they cannot finish the round before there duty is due to finish even tho they have been doing the job twenty years or more so inevitably the work load is left to part time staff who need to make up there hours and money but who also have to go out or start the same time as full time staff and do the same work .Full time staff because of the union have far to much control over the way delivery offices are run even tho there are managers in these offices that are controlled by the union representatives in the offices.I just wish managers would manage the office and not take rubbish that comes out of these full time members mouths excuses and get on with the job they are contracted to do …….Disgruntled part time postman who works twice as hard as full time postman but who gets the job done and in reasonable time too.

    • 18 steve November 22, 2016 at 8:34 am

      part time seem to end up doing more hours than full time get less xmas bonus, over time rate less have over 500 calls door to door i get less than a full timer doing same job, talk about discriminating part timers i have been with royal mail for 30 years , wife died from cancer 10 years ago had 2 small children to look after, came back part time, now children have grown up, was told by previous manager not making full timers up anymore disgusting how employees are treated especially after being with royal mail for so long , thinking of taking this further

  13. 19 K Fitzgerald January 16, 2016 at 9:17 am

    My sentiments exactly, I have letters not arrive , 2 from my psychiatrist, so I missed my appointment on 5 January, a friend in Spain sent me a letter of his travels , I never received it , I do receive post for totally different road names , I then deliver them my self , Royal Mail is a disgraceful company , years ago it was a dependable , friendly postman , now I see a different postman every few weeks .

  14. 20 Hilary January 22, 2016 at 10:15 am

    The reason Royal Mail loses credibility is that they can just sack a loyal postie who goes out of his way to look after his customers – for 27 years – and when one of Her Majesty’s judges orders them to reinstate the postie they won’t! RM don’t care about anyone certainly not their customers. Please sign and pass on petition about RM and Employment Law :

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